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• Dust of Dolls

In 2008, Nyo and Lyly Pie decide to work together on a project for an artisanal Ball Jointed Doll. At the time, they never imagined that it would give birth to a life changing project. A few months later, their prototype Tank was complete, and plenty of ideas had matured between them. After that, they decided to keep on creating atypical models in all aspects, because what they really enjoy is to model what cannot be found on the current BJD market.


With their next model Puns comes the desire to market these dolls more widely. They use Nyo's work which was part of a school project around the creation of the brand Dust of Dolls. And they decided to start a small company duo .


Dust of Dolls is a trademark (filing of 29/09/2011 No. 11/3862824).

• Design

Each model has been thought up on paper first, with a series of preparatory drawings, before being sculpted. In order to get a result as clean and professional as possible, Nyo and Lyly Pie have tested a several types of materials, tools and techniques. That expertise enables them to get a finish to match their expectations. Their choices are based, as much as possible, on materials that are as professional as environmentally friendly and not too aggressive for health.


The resin used to make the casts are particularly allergenic. That is why Dust of Dolls turned to an Asian subcontractor that takes care of the production part. This partnership allows, among other things, to produce small series, which wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

• Our Artists


Our amazing faceup artist is :

Viridian House (based in UK)


We are proud to work with is the talented sewers : 

- Sometimes Dolls (FR)

- Dark Stars (FR)

- Holly Hatter (FR)

- Choupi Couture (FR)

- I Can't Dance (SE)

- Pupa Shoes (RU)


Our glass eyes are very well made by Captured in Glass eyes.

• The products


The dolls from Dust of Dolls get a double quality control: the first one is conducted by the Asian sub-contractor, and the second one is made by Nyo and Lyly Pie, who receive the dolls and check the quality of each cast and packaging before sending it to their customers.


The selected resin is only slightly sensitive to yellowing. However, as with any resin, prolonged sun exposure is strongly discouraged. Other factors may also come to alter the color of the dolls: tobacco, smoke, fading of objects in contact with the resin.


The categories correspond to the sizes of dolls. For each of these categories, multiple faces (faceplates) will be provided. However, a single pre-order per color will be held for each faceplate.