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. meël .



Meël is the third faceplate made for the Appi body.

She was created with a soft and smiling expression, but her smile is not too strong so that her expression is not too tensed.
She has two big rounded ears, thus she naturally reminds us of a big sister of Püns. She is way less ethnically marked on purpose, contrary to our previous heads, but she keeps some unique facial features as her fat nose and her plumpy lips.
Meël's face is round and joyful, and terribly cute.

The Normal Skin we have chosen is a lovely peachy color that does not tend to appear yellow at all. The powdery resin, slightly translucency, matches perfectly this shade and gives the doll a soft and realistic aspect.  

Here are pictures of the body : [x] [x] [x]


Preorders period: from December 20, 2013 10:00am to January 4, 2014 10:00pm (french time).


You can choose the color of the eyes your doll will be sent with (see pitcures below).
Clothes and wig are not included.

Options : makeup by Viridian House or Esthy.
Esthy's makeups are limited, be careful! 



• height: 27 cm
• head mesurement: 14,2 cm  - 5/6
• eyes size: 6 mm
• neck size: 4,5 cm
• chest size (small bust): 10.5 cm
• waist size: 12,5 cm
• hips size: 16,5 cm
• shoulder width: 7 cm
• thigh: 10 cm
• calf: 5.8 cm
• arm: 3,6 cm
• forearm: 4 cm
• bust height: 9 cm
• arm length: 8,5 cm
• leg lenght: 11,5 cm
• foot lenght: 3,8 cm



. Viridian House's faceup .


. Esthy's faceup .


. couleurs des yeux .




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